Marion County Community Crisis Response Team
As the war against terror continues, Florida with its many tourist venues and port cities is a high-profile target for another large scale attack, perhaps with biological, chemical or nuclear agents.  Under Marion County's  Incident Command System this CCRT is part of its Medical Reserve Corps, so our members include physician-MD's and nurses. This team performs two extra, but vital, functions:  
The first additional function is to divert the many psychotraumatized, but physically healthy, survivors away from the overwhelmed medical/surgical field triage area during major multi-casualty incidents.  They must have a safe place to get immediate psychological first aid and individual crisis intervention during and directly after the event.   Selected volunteers may also provide emotional and spiritual support to injured and dying patients in a safe area near the disaster and at triage sites, and to deceased victims� families at morgue sites. 

The second new CCRT function in a large scale crisis is to provide a confidential family assistance center where identified and credentialed relatives of CCRT-processed individuals can learn of their loved ones� status and location, and be protected from media intervention.

The complete CCRT consists of four multidisciplinary Units.  Each Unit has both generic and crisis-specific Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) skills.
Marion County Community Crisis Response Team
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